You can keep things the way they’ve always been, use the same tropes, build on the same premises, and that’s fine. But it’s not exactly “creative”, is it? The idea that inclusion, that doing something few games ever bother challenging themselves to do, would “stifle creativity” flies in the face of what creativity is.
Jimquisition, “Neutered” (via szaleniec1000)


If you aren’t watching Jimquisition why the fuck not


I’m Going To Murder Your Children

(this was brought to my attention over the Jennifer Hepler incident)


In LA at Wacko’s



The concept of reverse racism is flawed, if not absolutely ridiculous. Most, if not all of the negative responses from people of color toward white people, are reactions to the hatred, violence, cruelty and brutality that they were shown by white people for centuries. Much of the foundation of…


These chicks don’t even know the rest of my team.

They only watch probending matches for me.

I’m always being called the man of their dreams

All because I’m the leader of my whole team.

So I’m out of the weight room. What do I see?

A group of fan girls tryna holler at me.

They’re like ‘OMG. Mako please”

I can’t stop won’t stop my overies. 

I’m like. Girl please. Don’t mean to offend.

But fire ain’t the only element that I bend.

I bend girl over,  retract them legs.

I swore Ty Lee was all up on my bed.

With my good looks, wouldn’t have to force her

Got her face lookin’ like a Kyoshi warrior

Good gracious. I’m on a date with

Miss Sato. Looks of a model.

wasn’t into playin’ with my fire ferret

When she wanted me to stay I wasn’t tryna hear it

But goddamn. Look who it be.

Avatar Korra all up on me.

 Didn’t mean for it, but to my surprise.

I had back bent her iris white.

Oh dang, you saw that  bro!?

Its not what it looks like come back Bo.

Don’t even gotta say  my name.

Hair curled down, devilish frame.

What ever you have, ten times, I got it.

The girls I bag are like Sozin’s comit.

Hot damn, I’ma douse their flame.

Bend their fluids. Scream my name.

Tahno? More like fuck yes.

they’re chest on deck like Iroh’s men.

I can show you how a real pro bends

But can’t make sure that you won’t get wet

Now you know that I’m more than impressive.

Hows that for a private lesson

Don’t lie, I saw that kiss.

You knew how I felt, now I’m more than pissed.

Saw her orphus on your orphus.

You’re an enormous dick, and I’m sure of this.

Calm down Bo don’t come to conclusions.

I saw you come with those bodily movements.

It wasn’t my fault she was kissin’ me.

Ain’t no excuses can Pabu seen

The scene I was seeing. I just can’t believe.

Bros before hoes means something to me.




Uh oh it’s suave korra again



i respect jamie foxx so much for wearing that shirt.

so  many celebrites have a great platform, and few of them ever really use it.

all he had to do was wear a shirt, it is that easy.

and of course white people are mad. all they want him to do is shut up and entertain them. 

p.s. i have always been afraid to be a fan of jamie because he seems like the kind of guy to say some real ignorant shit about black women. but he hasnt (so far) so, i am going to like him.

I really don’t know where your “Fear” comes from. But I got to wonder, if you are familiar with the man’s work. That you said, you like and admire. Last time I checked. A comedian can say/do some ignorant things, in the name of comedy. Granted they can’t say anything they want all the time. But it’s generally understood. That they can and will say things, that sometimes might offend. Some comics exaggerate, some make stuff up, some speak the truth and some exaggerate the truth. 

….the comedian attracted backlash from critics who objected to Foxx’s sometimes shocking comic arsenal, especially for his negative discussion of women. Taking this into consideration, Foxx decided to create a show “[l]ike I Love Lucy or The Dick Van Dyke Show, ” he explained to Mediaweek magazine. “They[the shows jokes] were clean and still funny. If you try to be on the edge you cut lots of people out.” The series became the WB network’s highest-rated series, scoring heavily among younger audiences and women.The show, in which Foxx essays the semi-autobiographical portrait of a struggling actor eking out a living as a worker at a shady hotel, is the product of a diverse creative team, made up of men and women, blacks and whites, which strives for a fresh, universal appeal. “You don’t have to be gimmicky, you don’t have to fall back on stereotypes,” Foxx told Mediaweek." -

He may have made mistakes. Maybe he was a little too raw, in some instances. But like a Professional and Decent Man. He listened and he corrected himself. He got everyone on the same page. So everyone would better understand he was about. Afterall, I don’t think you get raise in the south. By your grandparents. And become nationally famous for your comedic, writing skills, singing, song writing, atheletic skills, producing and acting skills. And only have bad things to say about the opposite gender, of you of your own people.
  I say all this to make this, to make this point. You’ve stated that you are waiting for him to say something bad, about black women. But anybody who watched him for over two decades (like me lol). Isn’t watching him like you are. You have this fear. As a fellow admirer of this man, I fail to see it’s legitimacy. Don’t live your life in fear. You can live with it. But don’t keep in your heart.